I want to check, the twitter, instagram, facebook and etc. of that person.

twitter, facebook, instagram, Youtube channel, vine, blog, etc.,
people have the information transmission in a variety of SNS tool.
It is hard to check up one by one app.
At such times, let's summarize the SNS you want to see in this SNS HUB.
You will not even chek leak if used properly a variety of SNS from this app.

Summarized in persons

Longing of the star of twitter, instagram and the blog, etc., It is not a hassle to look around them? If summarizes the SNS in persons, easily viewed with one tap.

Summarized by theme

If summarizes the information that is in my mind, there is no overlooking of information. Trend information to become a hobby of information and care, games, food, fun videos, etc.

Summarized the type of SNS

Summarize the type of SNS that summarized instagram of the star and summarized twitter friends, etc.

Starting from the SNS HUB, access to a variety of SNS app!

If summarizes the SNS you want to view in this app, it will ease daily check.









How to use is various by summarized how the category.

Search by keyword anxious to twitter/It summarizes the instant favorite brand/
Summarizing the images and recipes of anxious cuisine/
It summarizes the friend of facebook and Google+/
Summarize the information of the route to use for commuting/etc...

SNS HUB is compatible with iOS and Android OS.

You can download for free from iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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